Our A La Carte Menu will be starting this SUMMER on the 26 December 2018.

We are very excited and we hope you will like it too!!

The menu is created by our Chef from Hong Kong and her team who make’s beautiful Pork belly, Confit duck leg, Porterhouse Steak and a twice crumbed spicy chicken breast dish. Then there’s the best vegetarian/vegan options with edamame & mushroom pasta, a mega organic tofu burger, and salads made from sautéed wild mushroom & quinoa and avocado & citrus.

For BITE SIZE meals the spiced pork belly wraps & the crumbed barramundi are good weekend starter options. They are also steamed greens, fat fries and Zeally Bay sourdough breads and dips to nibble on after a beach swim.

There are beautifully decorated DESSERTS too, such as the chia pudding, aromatic vanilla bean panna cotta + a summer fruits crumble that will be hard to forget.

For KIDS, a classic cheeseburger + chips and margherita pizza will surely get a smile.

Coffico COFFEE is on offer, along fair-trade HERBAL TEAS and Grounded Pleasures artisanal hot chocolates and spicy chais! There’s also herbal iced teas and a selection of Daylesford organic spring waters.

Local BEERS from Forrest Brewery and Bellarine Brewery. You can finish the night with some local ROSE, light PINOT GRIGOS and a warm SHIRAZ.

This local old school eatery has plenty of to offer, loads of space and is the best place to bring the kids.

A la carte Summer 2018.jpg